Held at the Natural History Museum in Paris from November 2007 to May 2008, the exhibition THE DEEP was conceived in order to reach an even greater audience than the book Claire Nouvian had produced did… The exhibition also created the opportunity of a direct contact between the public and the collection of fantastic animals THE DEEP has on display.

The exhibition started its international tour throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East after its French beginning. Considering the immensity of China, it has been decided to offer the Chinese public the opportunity to discover the splendor of the deep-sea world during three years and in the major cities of the country, showcasing the exhibition in the various Museums of Science and Natural History who have chosen to host it.

The main objective of the exhibition is to generate public interest for a remote fauna which is still largely unknown and extremely difficult to access, even today. By revealing the richness of the marine biodiversity and the extraordinary creatures residing in the very deep ocean, the exhibition enthralls the public around the world and makes people aware of the urgency to protect the marine environment, although most of the damage remains unknown and invisible to us, because it is hidden from view, below the surface of water.


Since 2007,
date of the first opening to the French public in Paris at the MNHN Museum, 

the exhibition THE DEEP has started its worldwide tour to share THE DEEP secrets.

Amongst the countries that have welcome THE DEEP tour, we can list 

France (Paris, Le Havre, Montbeliard, Brest), 

Angola (Luanda), 

Hong Kong

Israel (Jerusalem), 

Morocco (Casablanca), 

Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, Ping tong) 

and China (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Kumming, Guangzhou and currently in Chengdu).

The main objective of the exhibition is to generate public interest for a remote fauna

which is still largely unknown and extremely difficult to access, even today.

So far, the exhibition meets continuously its target and have reached in 2012 a total of 2

millions of visistors that have encountered THE DEEP and its secrets.


So far, Two Millions of visitors have discovered THE DEEP

In the sixteen cities where the exhibition has been presented, THE DEEP has conquered a large audience and raised people’s awareness on the daily irreparable damages that man inflicts on the underwater splendors and the biodiversity they constitute:

Pollution, overfishing, immoderate exploiting of the deep-sea, etc.

In 2013, we are proud to announce 
that more than a total of 2 Millions of visitors have been able to
discover the remote, unknown and still difficult to access fauna through the
exhibition THE DEEP.

New specimen will be presented soon

Given the extraordinary success the exhibition THE DEEP has met in China and in other countries where the exhibition has been presented, THE DEEP has started in 2013 a new campaign for recovering new specimen in cooperation with the Research Institute NIWA (New Zealand). The specimens collected will be shown in a few months in the exhibition and visitors will have the chance to discover new and unique animals that have never been shown before.



The exhibition « THE DEEP CHINATOUR » is presented to the Chinese Public since 2010 thanks to the support of Rolex. Claire Nouvian explains her first feelings when she discovered the deep-sea ecosystems.

THE DEEP explained to Children

Jozée Sarrazin, scientist from IFREMER, specialized in the deep ecosystems is introducing the exhibition THE DEEP to children from the Yunnan province.




Shanghai Science & Technology Museum is a characteristic and comprehensive science museum invested by the city government. It covers a floor space of 98,000m2, with 12 permanent exhibition halls, 4 Science Film Theatres, 6 new-media theatres, 2 artistic corridors, the Spider! Exhibition and the Animal World exhibition, which in all builds up a modernized science paradise. It has become a hot-spot since its opening in Dec. 18th, 2001 and has received over 20 million visitors, 50% of which are young people and children.

French Ambassy and local General French Consulates in China

The French Embassy and the Consulate General of France in China and its Science and Technology Sections, together with the Institut français de Chine, have the great pleasure to support this stunning exhibition entitled The Deep.
 The Deep is a wonderful dive that will allow all publics to discover the amazing variety of species living in a fragile environment and how Museum scientists are helping to preserve this important habitat. It also aims to stimulate public awareness on the protection of Nature and Environment.
 The Deep exhibition also contributes to promote the scientific expertise for Marine and Ocean Deeps and offers an opportunity to further develop high level co-operation with Chinese partners.科学.html?lang=en

Museum of Natural Science – Taichung

The Taichung Museum of Natural Science was established in 1986, it is the second and the largest natural history museum in Taiwan. The museum’s collection and research areas cover zoology, botany, geology and anthropology. The current collection is over one million specimens and mainly come from Taiwan, China and the South East Asia. The museum built on average ten special exhibitions of various themes each year and attracts 2.5 million visitors annually. In recent years, the museum is working closely with other world renowned museums such as The American Museum of Natural History, The Field Museum and Auckland Museum in New Zealand on various exhibition programs. One of the on going international collaborative projects is the joint effort with the French company Columbia-River in promoting “The Deep” traveling exhibit in Asia.


The non-profit organization BLOOM

Founded in 2005 by Claire Nouvian who acts as BLOOM’s president, BLOOM is a non-profit organization (with registered charitable status also in Hong Kong since 2009) dedicated to marine conservation. Its principal focuses are those issues that need attention urgently: the protection of vulnerable species and habitats – sharks and the deep sea – as well as small-scale fishermen and the promotion of sustainable fisheries. These issues are addressed across the following axes of action: education and awareness, advocacy, independent research and campaigning.

Columbia River

Columbia River is a Strategy and Sustainable Communication agency specialized in the fields of water and oceans. For the past 15 years, Columbia River has been helping private companies and local authorities to develop their maritime and nautical projects, from strategic planning to operational deployment of complex projects. Columbia River is the producer of the exhibition THE DEEP and is responsible for the operations of the international tour of the exhibition.


National Museum of Natural History – Paris

The Natural History Museum of Paris (France) is a historic partner of THE DEEP exhibition. The Museum first partnered with us for the creation of the exhibition and then pursued its collaboration with THE DEEP by providing a support team of taxidermists for the traveling exhibition. Thanks to the expertise of the taxidermist team, the specimens can be presented to the public in their natural aspect. The Paris Natural History Museum also brings its logistic support to the exhibition by sharing its network of Natural History museums with our production team.

TOTAL Foundation

This exhibition was originally created thanks to the support of the TOTAL foundation for the biodiversity and the sea, for the celebration of its 15th anniversary.


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