The following document is introducing the exhibition THE DEEP and THE CHINA TOUR with various information about the content, the deep sea specimen shown to the Public and the partners of the exhibition Download the PRESS KIT


The section offers the ability to review the articles that have been posted about the exhibition during its tour in China.

Hangzhou Style Week End

According to Claire Nouvian, there is another real world beside this one in the universe, which sometimes has sunshine, and sometimes is like star-studded night with various shining animals we have never seen … That is the deep sea. It is undisturbed, slow and quiet, says Claire Nouvian Read More

Hangzhou Xingbao

Rolex's attachment to the oceanic world dates back to 1926 when they invented the world's first water-proof wrist watch. In 1960, the Rolex Deep Sea Special prototype survived a 10,916-meter dive and remained accurate. This record has never been broken. Read More

Kunming Comfort Magazine

Many men dream of a high performance dive watch. They may never dive hundreds of meters under the sea, but that doesn’t stop them from loving dive watches. To understand this love, we have to know something about dive watches and water resistance. Read More

Kunming Gokunming

Despite being more than 600 Kilometers (375 miles) from the sea and 1900 Meters above sea level, Kunming résidents will soon have the opportunity to view the inhabitants of the deepest realms of the world’s oceans. Read More

Every dive would cost over 100,000 dollars or euros, and each time the shooting would take a month. The exhibition did not come easy." On the 10th, The Deep exhibition from France opened at Yunnan Provincial Museum. Read More

Kunming Yunnan Information

An almost transparent glass octopus, an ugly angler fish with a "fishing pole" on the head, and a cuttlefish that can adjust the light it gives off … These rare unimaginable deep sea creatures are on display at Yunnan Provincial Museum. Read More

Guangdong TV Facetime

TV Interview

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Interview with Claire Nouvian, Curator « about the exhibition »

Discover the exhibition through an interview with Claire Nouvian, curator of the exhibition. In this movie, Claire describes the emotion she felt when she has first discovered the deep sea animals. This discovery has been the starting point of the construction of the exhibition THE DEEP presented in China by Rolex.

Interview with Claire Nouvian, Fonder of the non-profit organization Bloom « About the bottom trawling in the deep-sea »

The environmental impacts of the deep sea trawling are detailed by Claire Nouvian as well as the international laws and the difficulty to enforce them.

Interview with Claire Nouvian, Pew fellow « The beginning of a tremendous ecological survey»

Claire Nouvian has been nominated as fellow by the Pew Environment Group. She will research and analyze how existing subsidies to the French fishing sector impact long-term economic and ecological viability.